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Do you want to remove hair with ease, with no razor burn and no ingrown hairs?

You now can from the comfort of your own home with little to no pain! The IPL Hair Removal Handset can be used on any body part (including your Face and Brazilian) in just a few minutes, all from the comfort of your own home! The IPL Hair Removal Handset has 10+ years of flashes when used as recommended so you will be able to be hair free for a very long time!



  • Hair removal times:1000000 times
  • Power:36W
  • Package includes:adapter + host + manual(English manual)+Free gift(Glasses and razor)
  • Levels of power:1-10 levels
  • The main function:Hair removal
  • Additional function:skin rejuvenation /acne reduce
  • Wavelength:500-1200mn
  • Energy:6-21J/cm2


    How I will know if this IPL hair remover is suitable for my skin?
    - It is best to do a skin test to confirm that there is no adverse reaction
    before using it for the first time.

    What intensity level should I use for the first time?
    - You should start with the lowest level and then gradually increase the
    strength. Selecting a higher level for your first treatment may cause

    How do I use the product correctly?
    - The hair removal device will only flash when it makes 90° vertical contact
    with the skin. Do not press the button if the device is not touching your skin.

    What do I do if the light on my device is not flashing?
    - If the light on the main body is on but the light on the device head is not
    flashing, remove it, and wipe it with a cotton cloth before reinstalling.

    What should I do if the product does not turn on?
    - If the light on the hair remover does not illuminate, there may be a problem
    with the adapter. You may want to restart the machine.

    How do I restart the machine?
    - Press and hold the emission button for more than 5 seconds, then connect the
    epilator to a power source. The light on the device will turn on to indicate a
    successful restart.

    If the product still does not work after using the above method, please Contact
    Us and we'll do our best to resolve your issue.

    Let us know abour your query!