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Why Choose Silk for Heatless Curling?

- The heatless Curler set helps you get beautiful waves or curls - without heat damage!
- Pure Mulberry Silk keeps your hair frizz-free & doesn't absorb natural oils.
- It's easy to use & can be worn day or night!

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 ✓ No Heat Damage

Say "Buh-bye!" to hot tools for good. After all, they're making your hair frizzy & prone to breakage.

 ✓ Silk Protects Hair

100% mulberry silk doesn't absorb natural hair oils, and with little friction, it's one of the best fabrics to keep your hair healthy, strong, and frizz-free.

 ✓ Easy To Use

It takes ~2 minutes to put in. Requires no special skills. Results in 1-4 hours (depending on hair type).

 ✓ Time Saver

Get gorgeous curls while you sleep or even during the day! Comfortable & secure.

Silky Heatless Hair Curler Kit – Shopahoo

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